With more and more people turning towards a healthier lifestyle, vending machine technology has evolved in order to keep up with the demand for more nutritional food and drink choices.

These days vending solutions aren’t simply limited to the traditional choices of coffeewater and snacks, but have expanded to offer fresh, healthy options as well. So if you want to give your staff easy access to a range of nourishing, wholesome food and drinks, make the next addition to your canteen a fresh food vending machine from Vending Solutions.


Selections 6 x 14 sweets or chocolates, 6 x 8 snacks or cold food, 18 x 5 drinks – 30 total selections and 222 total items.
Machine type Advanced elevator system, allowing for the safe distribution of fragile products. Can be configured to suit individual requirements
Payment systems Coin and note reader
Dimensions Height – 183cm, width – 72cm, depth – 83cm, weight – 190kg.

Please note: these machines are subject to availability in your area.

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A minimum investment of R 125k is required to become and operator.


Selections 6 x 32 sweets or chocolates, 5 x 8 chips or snacks, 9 x 16 cans or bottles – 40 total selections and 336 total items.
Office environment Perfectly suited to a staff complement of 100 people or less.
Warranty 5-year vend motor warranty (exclusively offered by Vending Solutions); 3-year working parts warranty; 3-month labour warranty.
Dimensions Height – 183cm, width – 89.5cm, depth – 83cm, weight – 315kgs

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Deliveries delayed due to COVID-19 Lockdown
During this period of lockdown, we ask for your patience and support as we do our part for the initiative to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Please note, you can still place your order, but we will only commence delivering from 20 April 2020.

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