Office Coffee Service

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There are a number of different ways in which you can choose to manage the operation of your coffee vending machine:

Office Coffee Service

Option 1 All-inclusive Cup Cost

The all-inclusive cup cost amalgamates the capital and running costs of a beverage vending service into a single charge per cup (similar to a photocopier contract being charged out per click). The cost per cup will include a lease element to cover the capital costs of the vending machine together with the service and consumable elements for the ingredients, cups, cleaning and maintenance. Some customers prefer schemes such as these, which base the financial relationship totally on the cup usage. The minimum number of cups to which you are asked to commit will relate to the circumstances on the particular site during the contract term. Vending Solutions proposals are based on drinks consumed per person per day and industry experience suggests that consumers will normally consume 3 drinks if they are provided free.

Office Coffee Service

Option 2 Self-fill Operation

Machines are purchased or leased from Vending Solutions and you may then decide to fill, cash and service your own vending machines. Relevant products can be purchased from Vending Solutions or any local Wholesaler. The Self Fill option may be suitable to an organisation that has catering staff, or one that has enough machines to warrant employing someone to control ordering and storage, cleaning and servicing, as well as accounting for and banking the cash takings.

Office Coffee Service

Option 3 Contract Operation

Contract operation is a popular choice as all day-to-day functions of the vending operation are handled by Vending Solutions. Machines are supplied and installed by Vending Solutions who then maintains and services them for a stipulated contract period. All ingredients and products are supplied by Vending Solutions, who then fills and cleans the machine and collects and accounts for any cash takings if applicable. The prices to be charged for vended products will be decided jointly by you the customer and Vending Solutions, and will depend on whether Vending Solutions will be paid entirely from the cash proceeds of sales or by means of a separate service charge/rebate. The level of service required will vary depending on type of machine, types of products, consumption patterns and your operational activities. Vending Solutions offer flexible contract periods and transparent calculation models.

The above are examples of the solutions we are able to offer. We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to suit our clients' requirements.

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