Azkoyen Zensia Bean to Cup, Leaf Tea & Instant

Azkoyen Zensia Bean to Cup, Leaf Tea & Instant

Zensia, the automatic barista for vending

Zensia is not just another vending machine. Its Customixer functions make it an automatic barista vending machine. Zensia is capable of making drinks with different amounts of coffee, milk and sugar, adjusting each service to the customer’s taste.

This capacity to customise drinks, combined with the machine’s remarkable autonomy and its clean, attractive appearance, helps operators increase the profitability of their vending service.

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Number of soluble canisters 5
Boiler Type Atmospheric
Boiler Capacity (volume) 3000 CC
Cup capacity (70mm/73mm/80mm) 700
Selections 15
Pre-selections 5
Sensors and filters
  • Water temperature control
  • Water level control
  • Optional cup detector
Product capacity
  • 1,5Kg Soluble coffee
  • 4,4Kg Soluble milk
  • 6,2Kg Chocolate
  • 3,9Kg Soluble tea
  • 5,3Kg Sugar
Dimensions (w x h x d) 600 x 1830 x 625 mm
Weight 135 kg

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