GPE Happy 500 – Instant & Leaf Tea or Bean to Cup

Coffee Vending Machine

GPE Happy 500 – Intant & Leaf Tea or Bean to Cup

Ideal for busy office environments and canteens, the GPE Happy 500 can serve up to 500 - 600 cups of delicious  coffee with each refilling.

GPE Happy 500 GPE Happy 500 GPE Happy 500 GPE Happy 500 GPE Happy 500 GPE Happy 500 GPE Happy 500 GPE Happy 500



Versions Instant, Espresso, Double Espresso
Drink choice 22 selections, including tea brewer.
Cups 500/600
Canisters 6 in Espresso version, plus the sugar canister.
9 in Instant version, plus the sugar canister.
Selection 20
Display Graphic: graphic fonts can be used, graphic icons and 8 different spots can be programmed. The display shows commands in 2 different languages of choice.
Stand-by programmable of display.
Illumination Leds that light on the ready drink.
Retro-illuminated panels.
Product selection keys illuminated – off only if product finished.
Keypad Direct selection of drink and sugar dosage with Touch Sensor keypad; keys with acoustic warnings.
Stirrers Regulated for stirrers of 90 & 105 mm.
Cup release Carousel.
Boiler 2 boilers with electronic control of the temperature.
Aspiration At 2 speeds for elimination of internal humidity.
Pump Electromagnetic with vibration of 60W.
Security Device with anti-flooding system.
Security thermostat and antiboil for soluble boilers. Components at 24V.
Boiler security valve
Technology GPE HAPPY SYSTEM - Control & signalling ingredient presence: in case of ingredients finished the machine inhibits the sale.

Possibility of remote control (telemetry). Possibility of Modem Internet application. EVA-DTS.
GPE DATA (software update by PC).

Data logger with detailed information of every single vend. Stand-by programmable with clock even weekly based.

Accessories & optionals USB key for updates.
Kit autonomous water (2 tanks of 25 litres). Logic board programmer.
Doppio executive.
Cold version.
Absorbed power and power supply V230 +/- 10%.
Hz 50/60.
1,6 Kw in boiler heating phase. 60W normal consumption.
Payment systems Executive protocol.
MDB protocol.
Even accepts payment systems with credit card.
Dimensions Height – 183cm, width – 66cm, depth – 72cm, weight – 130kg.