Borg & Overström 520 Series

Filtered Water Cooler

Borg & Overström 520 Series

Borg & Overström 520 SeriesA COOLER LIKE NO OTHER - It’s the cooler everyone’s been talking about… Interact. Connect. Refresh.

The latest addition to the Borg & Overström range is now here, bringing with it a fresh, unique look with its distinctive fountain tap and spacious base cabinet- all in one innovative design.

Our Research & Development team have once again raised the bar to a new level with the Borg & Overström Unite.

Unlike anything else in the market, this premium P.O.U cooler stands at 1.3m tall with two integral cup dispensers, encouraging interaction with its fully-open, lit dispense area.


  • Built-in cup dispenser
  • Personalised branding options available
  • Simplistic, minimalist design
  • Intuitive push-tap controls
  • Sleek, rounded finish
  • Hot & cold or cold & ambient